Wesch Side Story: Explore Your Creativity

Come and see Wesch Side Story on stage at the Philharmonie on 21.11 (19H)!

Registration at contact@fondation-eme.lu (free entrance on reservation).

Teenagers on stage surrounding a young man in a wheelchair

On 21 November, five young people from the Escher Jugendhaus will be rapping and dancing on stage at the Philharmonie Luxembourg! With the help of professional artists, Julia, Daven, Jamelia, Leandro and Christelle have come up with a hip-hop performance that combines dance, rap, beatmaking and digital creation. Come and enjoy a sensational evening at the Philharmonie!


The project, supported by the Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, aims to support young people, and promote their well-being through artistic creation.

Indeed, according to the National Report 2022 on the situation of children in Luxembourg: the well-being of children in Luxembourg, what most affects their well-being is “their control over the social environment (...), i.e., their assessment of the possibility of taking decisions and responsibilities themselves on a daily basis. This result is interesting and should be seen in conjunction with the observation that there is still room for improvement in terms of children's participation and co-determination in different living contexts”.

Organisations such as the Escher Jugendhaus play an essential role in this respect: they are places where young people are “real players in day-to-day organisation” and carry out projects, while strengthening social cohesion, which is particularly important for their mental health.

Young people dancing on stage

The Fondation EME is also setting up a framework to promote their well-being: Wesch Side Story is an artistic creation project by young people, offering them a free space to express themselves, create and perform as they wish, with advice from professional artists. Through a series of dynamic workshops, they put their emotions in motion through original choreographies, give rhythm to their messages with their compositions and draw their daily lives with digital spray paint.

These young people are therefore given the opportunity to decide on the form and content of their show, to create together a performance of their own and to collaborate with professionals throughout the artistic process. Thus, the project gives them a sense of responsibility, with the final performance on 21 November being the ultimate goal.

Young people dancing on stage

Wesch Side Story is a unique and inspiring performance that celebrates the “story of the Esch side”, the daily lives of our young artists, their dreams, their emotions and the obstacles they encounter.

Come and admire their work!

Registration at contact@fondation-eme.lu (free entrance on reservation).


Thanks to the artists involved in the project: David Galassi and Sylvia Camarda (artistic direction), Claudia Urhausen (dance), Luka Tonnar (rap & beatmaking) and Thomas MacLloyd (digital graffiti).

We would also like to thank the Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte for its generous support.

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