Gospel for all: an inclusive choir project with many positive effects

Join the 'Gospel for all' choir concert on 30 May at 19:00 in the Mierscher Kulturhaus.

On the occasion of the International Multiple Sclerosis Day on 30 May, the Fondation EME is organising a big closing concert of the Gospel for all project. This inclusive choir project has been an opportunity for everyone to discover their own voice and body, in order to search for new ways of expression... 

Why is this project inclusive and what were the positive effects? 

This project is inclusive because it brings together people from different social groups. There was a call for participants: anyone who was interested could take part in the rehearsals in Bill and then in the concert.  Some of the singers have multiple sclerosis, which is the most common autoimmune disease affecting the central nervous system. This pathology affects the myelin - the sheath that surrounds and protects nerve fibres - whose progressive destruction slows down the transmission of nerve impulses.

So, since February 2023, these people from all walks of life, brought together by their love of singing, have been rehearsing every Saturday, regardless of their age, their illness or their musical knowledge. These rehearsals have been an opportunity to participate together in the elaboration of a long-term common project. The bonds created during these rehearsals are often very strong... The heartbeats of the people who sing in a group can even start to synchronise!

Indeed, singing has multiple effects on the body and health of all participants.

It is a positive physical exercise for the entire cardiovascular system. It stimulates the breathing, which promotes relaxation, having a beneficial effect on long-term heart health. 

Singing can also significantly reduce stress, as singing can trigger the release of endorphins and oxytocin, two 'feel-good' hormones, which can immediately reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and decrease symptoms of depression according to various studies. 

More generally, music can have a positive effect on people with multiple sclerosis, as we discussed in our podcast with Benoît Emeraux. Benoît Emeraux is a doctor specialising in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. In that episode, he talked to us about the fun aspect of musical exercises, and the overall impact on improving balance in particular.

If you want to see for yourself the positive impact this singing project has had on these choir members, attend their concert on 30 May!

The choir concert will take place on 30 May 2023, at 7pm, as part of the Gospel for all project. It will be held in the Mierscher Kulturhaus and is a collaboration with INECC Luxembourg, Deutsche Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft Trier, and MS Lëtzebuerg. 

Registration for the concert can be made by email to contact@fondation-eme.lu, specifying if you are wheelchair users .

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