Concerts against loneliness

During this whole situation in Luxembourg, it is particularly important to protect the vulnerable. As a result, care homes have had to implement measures to protect their residents. This also means that many concerts organised by the foundation and performed in care homes, refugee homes as well as schools and daycare for people with special needs cannot take place.

The foundation still wants to continue to transmit joy through music. New technologies make it possible for everyone to enjoy concert recordings during these difficult days.

This is why the Fondation EME warmly calls to musicians to record themselves at home and to send us small concerts that we transmit to these institutions.

Thank you to all the musicians and courage to the institutions!

Stay home and enjoy music!

Concerts on Apart TV

The TV channel Apart TV will broadcast the concerts against loneliness every other day at 3pm and a rerun on Sundays at 10am.

Here is the program (which will be updated regularly):

30.3. at 15:00, Duo chant et piano, Jean-Nico Schambourg et Arina Rasheva

1.4. at 15h00,  Claire Parsons Session - Crazy Quarantine Sessions

3.4. at 15h00, Susana Magalhaes

5.4 at 10h00 Rediffusioun

6.4. at 15h00, Sven Sauber Session - Crazy Quarantine Sessions

8.4. at 15h00, Gilles Fonck

10.4. at 15h00, Hannah Ida

12.4 at 10h00 Rediffusioun

13.4. at 15h00, Louise et Léna Kollmeier

15.04 à 15h00 Arthur Possing Session - Crazy Quarantine Sessions

17.04 à 15h00 Sabine Weyer

19.04 à 10h00 Rediffusioun

20.04 à 15h00 Baz Trio

22.04 à 15h00 Léon Marx

24.04 à 15h00 Theresia Birngruber

26.04 à 10h00 Rediffusion

27.04 à 15h00 Annemie Osborne

29.04 à 15h00 Riaz Khabirpour Session - Crazy Quarantine Sessions

01.05 à 15h00 Musique militaire

03.05 à 10h00 Rediffusioun

04.05 à 15h00 Sabine Weyer part 2

06.05 à 15h00 Daniel Balthasar Session - Crazy Quarantine Sessions

08.05 à 15h00 Gilles Fonck part 2

10.05 à 10h00 Rediffusioun

11.05. à 15h00 Childhood Memories

13.05 à 15h00 Susana Magalhaes et Pedro Bray

15.05 à 15h00 Hoffmann Brothers

17.05 à 10h00 Rediffusioun

18.05 à 15h00 Claudine Muno

20.05 à 15h00 Pierre Cocq-Aman

22.05 à 15h00 Léna et Louise Kollmeier

24.05 à 10h00 Rediffusioun

25.05 à 15h00 Don Piano

27.05 à 15h00 Gilles Fonck part 3

29.05 à 15h00 Corbeats

31.05 à 10h00 Rediffusioun

11.05. at 15h00 Childhood Memories - Crazy Quarantine Sessions

13.05 at 15h00 Susana Magalhaes et Pedro Bray

15.05 at 15h00 Hoffmann Brothers - Crazy Quarantine Sessions

17.05 at 10h00 Rediffusioun

18.05 at 15h00 Claudine Muno

20.05 at 15h00 Pierre Cocq-Aman - Crazy Quarantine Sessions

22.05 at 15h00 Léna et Louise Kollmeier

24.05 at 10h00 Rediffusioun

25.05 at 15h00 Don Piano - Crazy Quarantine Sessions

27.05 at 15h00 Gilles Fonck part 3

29.05 at 15h00 Max Mausen Quartett

31.05 at 10h00 Rediffusioun


Thank you to the musicians :

Jean-Nico Schambourg, Arina Rasheva, Hannah Ida, Susana Magalhaes, Pedro Bray, Basile Rahola, Pierre Cocq-Aman, Pol Belardi, Niels Engel, Pit Dahm, Jérôme Klein, Léna Kollmeier, Louisa Kollmeier, Sabine Weyer, Musique militaire du Luxembourg, Sven Sauber, Daniel Balthasar, Gilles Fonck, Léon Marx, Theresia Birngruber, Simon Hoffmann, David Hoffmann, Claire Parsons, Laurent Peckels, Ensemble Fides, Benoit Martiny, Michel Pils, Michel Reis, Annemie Osborne, Riaz Khabirpour, Marly Marques, Paul Janoschka, INECC, Edgar Girkes, Claire Parsons, Josh Island