A piano for the ALA day care center in Bonnevoie

On Friday 03 March 2023, a new piano was delivered to the ALA (Association Luxembourg Alzheimer) day care centre in Bonnevoie, Luxembourg, thanks to the piano shop Piano Kelly.

This day care centre offers people suffering from dementia daily care in an environment specially adapted to their illness. The aim of this day care centre is to preserve and stimulate the skills of the patients, to slow down the process of decline caused by the disease and to strengthen the autonomy of the visitors. 

The day care centre thus provides moments of peacefulness for both the patient and his or her carers.

Regularly, the days are punctuated by Concerts EME, during which musicians from the Fondation EME come and perform for 45 minutes. This is an opportunity for exchange and music, which brings joy to the lives of people with dementia.

From now on, piano concerts will happen again. The day centre had a piano, but unfortunately it was no longer usable and beyond repair.

A customer of the Piano Kelly piano shop disposed of his old piano and donated it. Thanks to Piano Kelly and their delivery of the piano, the care home was able to get a working piano again.

Once again, the rhythm of the piano will fill the walls with its harmony!