The Fondation EME at a glance

In a society in search of dignity and inclusion, the Fondation EME enables everyone to live better together, thanks to the universal language of music.

Our society is in search of dignity and inclusion. We are facing increasing inequalities, social injustices and barriers to access to culture, which are all obstacles to human dignity. Despite undeniable prosperity, Luxembourg and the Greater Region are also facing this global challenge. In addition to the difficulties within civil society and families, there are humanitarian crises and issues related to the reception of climatic, economic or political refugees. The Fondation EME has decided to take an active part in the fight against violations of human dignity.

The Fondation EME enables everyone to live better together. Since 2009, the Fondation EME has been working to bring well-being, inclusion and dignity to people who are fragile or in distress, while respecting their diversity. Thanks to the commitment of talented musicians, the support of the Philharmonie Luxembourg and private donors, as well as the many partnerships with the host structures, nearly 800 events for disabled children, the elderly, refugees, prisoners, autistic teenagers, single parents are organized each year... the Fondation EME's actions are designed to move them, encourage them to express themselves and take charge of their destiny.

Music is a universal language. We are convinced that, beyond the joy it brings, music makes it possible to break down barriers of all kinds, by promoting individual and collective well-being, self-confidence and trust in others, and hope for a better life. Music is alive and well and is available in an infinite number of styles, thanks to the most varied instruments, often combining dance, theatre, body expression and visual arts. Fostering exchanges between cultures and generations, music plays a key role in enabling everyone to live better together.


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