Entrée libre les week-ends et jours fériés
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Tel: +352/ 26 20 52 1

Réservation pour institutions du lundi au vendredi:

Period: 5 May - 23 May 2021

Participants: open to all people

Location : neimënster


Music is a universal language. In this spirit, and taking advantage of technological advances, a large instrument, Soundcolors, has been developed to offer a 5-station musical and digital installation that requires no prior knowledge and allows everyone to give free rein to their creativity: the body becomes the creator, playing chords and melodies without false notes.

From 5 May to 23 May, neimënster and Fondation EME present the musical installation Soundcolors. Soundcolors is a large electronic instrument and consists of 5 different stations where everyone can make music with their body. During the week, workshops are offered for schools and institutions. On weekends, the installation at Sall Nic Klecker is also open to the general public.

Installation produced by : Mad Trix

A project in collaboration with neimënster

Sponsored by : ArcelorMittal