Period: 22 February - 28 February 2021 / 5 May - 23 May 2021

Participants: open to all people

Location : neimënster


Soundcolors responds to the mission of the EME Foundation, to make culture and music accessible to everyone.

On 5 different stations everyone can make and create their own music, regardless of age, mobility, handicap, culture etc... The body is at the centre of this project. The 5 stations respond to the lightest movements of the body and it is with the body that the music is made.

Soundcolors knows no creative limits, the participants can let their creativity run free. Thus, all participants can create their own work and can record and listen to it at home.

Soundcolors thus gives a new self-confidence, by putting the body at the centre of this project, all participants relearn to know their body and to value it.

A project in collaboration with neimënster and Mad Trix

Sponsored by : ArcelorMittal