The best version of me

Period : 26.07.2021 - 30.07.2021

Concept : Lilian Genn, Sigrid Reisenberger,

Musicians : Natasa Grujovic, Benoit Martiny

Participants : youngsters people in juvenile psychiatry

Description :

Lilian Genn, a music mediator and movement educator who works with the Franklin Method® and Sigrid Reisenberger, director of the Schauspielakademie Ott in Vienna will be back in Luxembourg in the summer of 2021 to design, stage and implement a project in the youth psychiatric ward of the Hôpitaux Schuman.

"The best version of me" - who do I actually want to be in the depths of my being ? How do I want to experience myself - physically, emotionally and mentally? And how can I make it possible for me to experience this? During this week, the young people immerse themselves in the world of theatre, movement and emotions. The show-play approach and live music make it possible to experiment, to be allowed to be everything, to try out different versions of oneself. These are expressed through movement, voice, sound, etc. Accompanied by two musicians, the work was shown in a small final performance.

Supported by :

Fondation Leir