Children’s concerts

To escape through music in spite of illness

The Fondation EME does not forget the children in care institutions: every year, Fondation EME offers them a fine selection of concerts, clown shows and musical tales to distract them from their daily lives affected by illness or other difficulties. Saxophonists Jessica Quintus and Paul Origer have been involved in the project since the beginning. They visit paediatric services and institutions for sick children to introduce the young patients to their instruments and play the most beautiful songs.

And the musicians are always very well welcomed! They are led into a small, colourful room where they set up their stands. The children sit on cushions on the floor and look curiously at the cases that the musicians have brought with them. What is hidden inside? Jessica takes out her instrument and attaches it to the strap she wears around her neck as the children look on in wonder and ask a thousand questions. What is the name of this instrument? Can I try it? Why did you attach this little piece of wood to the end of the mouthpiece?

The musicians begin their first piece. The children listen, captivated and concentrated.

At the end of the concert, they can help the musicians clean their instruments. It is a magical experience for them - some of them already say they want to learn to play the saxophone when they are older...

With the generous support of the

Losch Fondation