Ateliers de danse

Period : 7.04 - 16.04.2021

Dancer : Annick Pütz

Participants : Children of the psychiatry ward of the Kannerklinik (CHL)


- Learning to express themselves nonverbally

- redirecting the aggressiveness that can arise due to the difficult everyday life of children

- discover hidden talents

- strengthen the children's self-image

Description :

Dancing, having fun with movement, expressing themselves. The group of children of different ages, big and small, girls and boys, addicted to dance or football or silent, that's how I discovered them during my first visit.

With these children who love to move, I want to develop their imagination in relation to movement; to vary their gestures, to experience dance with them not only through the form of the gestures, but above all through the forces that generate movement: motivation, intention, connection to the earth, connection to what surrounds us, space, other children and adults; connection to oneself.

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