Der Klang von Feuer und Wasser

Period: 30 october - 5 november 2021

Musicians: Christine Kristmann, Katharina Kramer

Participants: Children and young people of the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg

Description :

Nature and environmental protection are important and current topics that concern us socially, which is why we would like to focus on nature and its elements. In the holiday colony 2020, we dealt with the elements of earth and air, and in 2021 we would like to follow this up with a focus on the elements of fire and water. Through music and movement, we invite the participants to look at nature from a musical and artistic perspective. Nature as a source of inspiration is the starting point for creating music, to sing and to move. We dive into the world of sounds, noises, tones, melodies and rhythms and explore together how fire sounds or water sounds.

 Regardless of physical or mental abilities, tools for artistic activity are intuitively accessible to everyone. Through the holistic and process-oriented way of working in this project, everyone has the opportunity to participate in their own individual way and with their own individual approach, and to be allowed to express themselves creatively in a variety of ways, no matter what special needs or communication channels are present.

Supported by :

Fondation Juniclair