Tr*ck it - The Show must go on

Period : 1/09/2021 - 11/09/2021

Musicians :

Maka MC, Dany Le Loup, APE, V.I.C, Skibi, Nicool, WilliamLX, Culture The Kid, DJ BTM, Maz, Mellow, Dusty D, Oke, Don Gio, Naomi Ayé, Manuela Rufolo, Big T, Six, De Skuto, Southboy

Participants  : youngsters and young adults

Objectifs :

- Provide an entertainment option for young people who are severely affected by the health crisis.
- To take young people out of their everyday lives
- Bringing joy through music

Description :

A van is transformed into a stage for musical performances. This truck travels around the Grand Duchy with young artists from the Luxembourgish music scene to reach out to young people in need.

Supported by :