Period : 2 -4 May 2022

Musicians :  Klankennest

Participants :

Institut St Joseph à Betzdorf

Centre pour le développement moteur

Description :

The Klankennest ensemble is back in Luxembourg with an installation and a performance centred on the sense of hearing and on movement for people with special needs. People living at the Institut St. Joseph in Betzdorf will be able to benefit from music from Richard Strass, tactile objects and sound discovery.

Klankennest set to work with the well-known music of Johann Strauss, reinterpreting some waltzes in movement and sound, with and for the very young, people with disabilities and adults. What are the interfaces between the movement world of a person with a disability and a dance like the waltz? In an unusual, visual and moving set-up, a cellist, a singer, a flutist and a dancer invite the audience to look, feel and who knows, dance.

Supported by :

Arendt & Medernach