Enchanted Entanglement

Dates : 28 March - 15 April 2022

Artists : Tania Soubry, Falcon, David Laplant

Participants : youngsters of the Service National de Psychiatrie Juvénile des Hôpitaux Robert Schumann


In this project the teenagers will explore the topic of climate breakdown and our relationship with it as the material to work with. Like, how the human species cause it and how it affects us in return, to varying degrees, as well as how we differently feel and/or respond to it.

As the question of the world we leave for future generations is pressing, dancer Tania Soubry is interested in how young people think and feel about it. She tries to tackle these questions through the notions of entanglement and enchantment, transgressing the idea of separation, and finding pleasure in humour, in solidarity, and in ecological thought, movement and relationality.

A collaboration with Kulturfabrik.

Supported by :

Fondation Leir