Let it out!

Time periods: 25/07 - 21/08/2022

Artists: Paulo Lameiro, Forsan, Taipan, Amit Dhuri, David Laplant

Participants: Inmates of the Centre pénitentiaire in Schrassig


Through this project, the inmates of the Schrassig prison will have the opportunity to let their imagination run wild and create lyrics and beats. Through these, they'll have the possibility to present their situation, their family background or even their friendships.

Under Paulo Lameiro's supervision and its artistic team made of beatmaker Vincent Habay, rapper Forsan, multi-percussionist Amit Dhuri, and videographer David Laplant, they'll learn about music composition, different instruments, and beatboxing. This project will also be the occasion for them to learn how to write lyrics that make sense to them, while structuring their ideas. 

At the end of this project, the whole artistic process that will have been followed by David Laplant's cameras from beginning to end will be edited so that it can be presented to the prisoners and their families during a presentation at the Espace Découverte of the Philharmonie, on Wednesday, 21 September at 7 pm.

To attend, please register by email at contact@fondation-eme.lu.