Period: October 2022

Location: Foyer Ciel Ouvert - Philarmonie de Luxembourg 

Artists: Victor Gama, Nora Braun, Véronique Feilen, Laurene Schuller, Frin Wolter

Participants: All public, people with specific needs


This project taking place in the Foyer of the Philharmonie allows people with special needs to discover the history of instruments accompanied by the history of a whole musical universe. From Tipaw, the tiger that escaped from a zoo and is hidden in a museum, to Acruxon, the constellation of stars that awaits the public at the top of the footbridge, to the Dino family of dinosaurs, who left their footprints on a rock, visitors will be able to discover the music that was created throughout this journey.

An interactive exhibition created by Victor Gama, also offering workshops for competence centres and institutions for people with special needs.

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