Faarwespill I

Dates: june-july 2022

Musicians: Dadofonic, Frin Wolter, Constantin Riccardi, Nora Braun

Participants: Kids 


At the Villa Vauban, children from the Logopedic Centre and from primary schools were able to come and discover different works presented in a theatrical and musical way. Through texts written by the Dadofonic collective and the sound of Constantin Riccardi's violin, Nora Braun's cello and Frin Wolter's accordion, the young visitors are accompanied throughout their visit. In order to involve as many senses as possible, not only hearing and sight were stimulated, but also touch, thanks to a reproduction of certain works in bas-relief.

Supported by : Fondation Losch 

The Faarwespill project'song are available on listening platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc.