Akwaba Menike

Dates: January-October 2023

Musician: Robert Bodja

Participants: Children from the Red Cross reception centre in Dudelange, joined by children from the 'Diddelfamill' maison-relais of Dudelangw


Every week, percussionist Robert Bodja comes to share his music and his vitality. The djembe workshops he supervises are an opportunity for participants to learn to play an instrument that immediately gives positive feedback, as it does not produce false notes.

From January to May, he was at the Red Cross reception centre in Dudelange: an opportunity for the refugee children to forget their daily worries and refocus on themselves. These children were able to perform in concert at an Up Foundation conference on 19 April.

From June, these children will be brought together with those from the 'Diddelfamill' halfway house in Ddudelange, to form a genuine integration project.

The joint workshops will take place on the site of Vewa, a creative centre that aims to convey the values of conviviality in the pursuit of inclusion, and the transmission of know-how. All together, the children will take part in a Jam Session at Vewa on 22 July 2023.

Supported by: André Losch Foundation 

Rehearsals - january

Concert - 19/04

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Photos: Studio Andrea