Music Unites

 Period: March-May 2023

Musician: Julie Colin

Participants : young people of the CSAE Annexe Kirchberg (Luxemburg)

In this project, young people from the CSAE Annexe Kirchberg have the opportunity to participate in singing workshops.

These workshops are an opportunity to learn songs in Luxembourgish, French, German and English.

The children discover different languages in a fun and enjoyable way through music.

These musical workshops from Fondation EME help with language learning.

On 24 May, the children gave a final performance at the closing conference of the Up Foundaton's "Bildung Beweegt" project.

The Bildung Bewegt project was  organized by the Up Foundation, which is setting up educational programmes in the five regions of Luxembourg thanks to its partners.

Bildung Beweegt celebrated the commitment of the whole society for education in all its forms.

The closing evening "Lëtz Talk Education" was an opportunity to meet different speakers who talked about different aspects of education. The final show of the project Music Unites happened on this evening.


Supported by : Fondation André Losch 

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