Dates: June-July 2023

Musicians : Dadofonic, Frin Wolter

Participants: Children from the Centre de Logopédie (Luxemburg)


Do you remember the Faarwespill project, from Fondation EME, that took place in 2022? It will soon be back for a second edition, under the name of "Klangkarussell"...

But how is the creation's process going ? Let's tell you everything!

1️⃣ Last December, the children of the Centre de Logopédie went to the Villa Vauban. This centre takes care of children with hearing and/or language impairments. While discovering the works in the museum, they chose some of them... 

2️⃣ Then, it's Dadofonic's turn to take the stage! Dadofonic is an inclusive and artistic professional ensemble of theatre, visual art and movement. They started to write the lyrics for the music that will accompany the works chosen by the children. 

3️⃣ Exchanges and discussions...In March, the children from the Centre took part in a workshop, where they were able to give feedback on the texts proposed by the collective. Together they will try to improve the texts until they are ready to be ....

4️⃣ Set to music! The texts will be accompanied by the sweet sound of instruments. Frin Wolter will be in charge of putting a rhythm and harmony on the co-written texts.

What a job! We can't wait to be able to discover the result, at the beginning of summer 2023... For now, you can listen to the music of the 2022 project : https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/trioaccord/faarwespill

Supported by : Arendt & Medernach 

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