Turtle Song

Dates: 21 september - 9 november 2023

Hours: every thursday, 10h00 - 12h00 

Concert: November 16th, 2023  

Musicians: Ivan Boumans (composer) and Milla Trausch (singer and actor)

Participants: People with dementia and their families, friends or carers. 

Registration: by e-mail to contact@fondation-eme.lu, or by phone T. 26 02 27 430


For Turtle Song, the participants meet once a week for eight weeks, and with the help of professional musicians and music students, write the lyrics and compose the music for their own song cycle, ending in a live performance for friends and family.

Turtle Song encourages artistic and social interaction, a positive outlook through an enjoyable and shared activity and gives the brain and body a bit of stimulating exercise. It also helps to enhance the professional development of the music students who take part in the project.

Since the first Turtle Song at the Royal College of Music, London in 2008 it has been introduced in Cambridge, Wolverhampton, Dulwich, Hackney, Suffolk, Oxford, Stockton-on-Tees, Leeds, Norwich, Croydon, York, Reading, Newbury and Bishop Auckland…

A Turtle Key Arts' project, in collaboration with the Philharmonie Luxembourg and the Fondation EME

After-movie of a Turtle Song project by Turtle Key Arts