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Period: September - December 2023

Participants: open to all participants, and more specifically refugees and people who just arrived in Luxemburg. Teenagers under-16 years old must be accompanied by a parent.

Place: Philharmonie Luxembourg 

Registration: by e-mail to contact@fondation-eme.lu, or by phone T. 26 02 27 430

Musicians: Paulo Lameiro, artistic director - Amit Dhuri, percussionist - Anne Simon, stage director - David Laplant, videographer - Tim Wollmann, composer - Stephany Ortega, singer - Antoine Pohu, librettist 


- empower refugees through the transformative power of music and storytelling 

- help the refugees express their personal narratives, hopes and dreams in a collaborative and inclusive environment 

- foster creativity and artistic abilities as well as understanding between different communities 


pOpera is an inspiring community opera project, inviting refugees residing in Luxembourg to become the main creators of their own opera production for a truly transformative and inclusive experience. 

With the guidance of a dedicated and talented artistic team, the participants receive professional mentorship during workshops which will take place at the heart of Luxembourg's prestigious Philharmonie. 

pOpera celebrates the extraordinary talents and stories of individuals who have experienced displacement, creating a platform for their voices to be heard and theirs stories to be shared with a wider audience.

The participants were on stage on September 21, 2023 (7pm) at the Philharmonie Luxembourg, to make you dream with their stories and artistic sensibilities.

The project goes on!

From 25 September 2023, weekly workshops will be held at the Philharmonie with percussionist Amit Dhuri and Paulo Lameiro.

These regular meetings provide participants with an opportunity to meet and share through music, and give them a chance to express themselves in ways other than words.

With a view to inclusion through music, the participants will also go and see concerts together and take part in some of the performances.

All the dates are listed below.

To take part, register at contact@fondation-eme.lu.

Workshops dates Workshops dates

Information in different languages

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Article: pOpera: an inclusive community opera

People singing behind a piano
People singing
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People singing behind a piano
People singing
Two people singing behind a piano