Tanzende Instrumente

The EME Foundation organised a one-week workshop project called “Tanzende Instrumente” in October 2014 for the children of the Institut pour IMC and the children from the Centre de Logopédie. This project gave the children an opportunity to feel and experience music and dance on different levels.

Music can be made visible by movement, and, in turn, movement can be an inspiration for musical processes. The direct contact and exchange with the musicians gave the children an opportunity to experience individual access to a musical world full of sounds, melodies, and rhythms.

The playful use of specially made cloths that could be used to symbolise musical instruments gave the participants a chance to explore their own potential, using their body and movement. Dancing allowed their bodies to feel like instruments and at the same time they discovered the sounds created by different instruments.

Teaching staff took part in a special course, designed to enable them to continue the activities after the end of the project.