Gospel and Friends

The gospel of Rham: a declaration of love

Period : 10 January 2016 - 7 November 2017

Musician : Robert Bodja 

Participants : 120 seniors aged between 68 and 98 from different SERVIOR care homes 

For a year Robert Bodja has traveled all over Luxembourg to animate seniors to sing and live Gospel. For a short period of time, the residents forget their age and left their walker in a corner to sing, dance and laugh, thanks to the unifying power of the gospel, a music of Christian inspiration with African-American roots. The highlight of this project is a concert bringing together all the singers on the Philharmonie's stage in November 2017. A demanding project, "but we must always have objectives", replies one of the singers while laughing .

Participating nursing homes : Servior “Beim Klouschter” à Howald, Servior “Belle-Vue” à Echternach, Servior “Bei der Sauer” à Diekirch, Servior “Geenzebléi” à Wiltz, Servior “Liewensbam” à Troisvierges. In collaboration with the Servior Group.

Supported by : Fondation du Grand-Duc et de la Grande-Duchesse and ArcelorMittal.