Ateliers intergénérationnels de percussions

Concert on July 9th 2pm at Centre Hild in Dudelange

Period : 23 April - 9 July 2019

Musician : Marcel Sawouri

Participants : Children from the Maison Relais Inter-Action Diddelfamill and elderly people from the Centre de Jour of the Croix-Rouge in Dudelange

Description :

Once a week percussionist Marcel Boawesse offers djembé and singing workshops for the elderly people of the Centre du Jour and the children of the Maison Relais. The aim is to enjoy and play music together, to establish and strengthen links between children and the elderly. Through music, the percussionist creates a moment of sharing and conviviality, stimulating motor skills, movement, coordination and memory. Through the universal language of music, this musical moment emphasizes older people and children.

Supported by :

Collected donations in honor of Mr. Italo Ascani