Ensemble au concert

Together with the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Family and Integration and the Philharmonie Luxembourg, the Fondation EME wishes to create a new network of music lovers willing to sponsor socially disadvantaged people for concert evenings at the Philharmonie Luxembourg.

In addition to the new friendships that can be made and the bonds that can be forged, this is an ideal way to achieve greater inclusion in cultural life thanks to the universal language of music.

Faithful to the mission of the Fondation EME: "In a society in search of dignity and inclusion, the Fondation EME enables everyone to live better together, thanks to the universal language of music", we are convinced that beyond the joy it brings, music allows people to free themselves from barriers of all kinds.

Anyone interested in this initiative can contact the Fondation EME via contact@fondation-eme.lu or on 26 02 27 435, specifying their place of residence, the concert they would like to visit and whether they would like to sponsor or be sponsored.

The sponsor buys his/her concert ticket as usual and accompanies a sponsored person during the evening, as well as he/her guarantee transport to and from his/her home to the Philharmonie. The sponsored person accompanies his/her sponsor to the concert and benefits from a ticket paid for by the Fondation EME.

The Fondation EME will act as a link between a sponsor and a person wishing to be sponsored.

Sponsored persons' tickets are to be picked up at the Philharmonie's evening ticket office just before the concert. The beneficiary must be in possession of an identity card or Kulturpass.

Beautiful moments of sharing in perspective!