Amèle Metlini


Amèle Metlini is a French violinist and improviser based in Brussels.

Trained from an early age at the conservatory in Angers, her hometown, Amèle nurtured a thirst for musical adventure from an early age, which still drives her today.

In 2016, she left France for Belgium, which would become her adopted home. She perfected her skills in Marc Danel's class and trained with jazz and traditional musicians (Fabrizzio Cassol, Tcha Limberger).

Her preferred forms are intimate and chamber music, where original compositions leave room for improvisation.

Today, she can be heard in projects such as Remorque (Benjamin Sauzereau) Lara Humbert Quartet, ARK (Lara Rosseel) and on various recordings (Détails/Driss El Maloumi, Le Monde Merveilleux de Pépito, Nawaris).