The Fondation EME at a glance

By using music as a universal language to enable people to live better together, the Fondation EME places solidarity and inclusion at the heart of its mission.
Older people singing gospel music

Who is the Fondation EME?

The Fondation EME was created in 2009 on the initiative of the Philharmonie Luxembourg to bring music to people excluded from Luxembourg's social and cultural life.

Since its creation, the Fondation EME has organised concerts with professional musicians in various care centres and social institutions in Luxembourg. It also offers inclusive and participatory projects, combining different artistic forms to bring people together around music and the arts.

  • Une jeune fille et un homme âgée jouant du djembé
  • deux filles danses sur la musique d'une violoncelliste

Our mission at the Fondation EME?

To enable people to live better together through the universal language of music. Since 2009, we have been working to bring well-being, promote inclusion and preserve the dignity of people who are vulnerable or in difficulty, by celebrating their diversity. Thanks to the commitment of talented musicians, the support of the Philharmonie and our generous donors, as well as our many partnerships with host organisations, we organise nearly 800 events every year. These events reach a wide audience, including children with disabilities, elderly people, refugees, prisoners, autistic teenagers and single parents. In short, the Fondation aims to move these people, encourage them to express themselves and take control of their own destiny.

"The Fondation EME has been using music as a universal language to promote personal and collective well-being, and build bridges between cultures and generations since 2009."
Dominique Hansen • President

The Fondation EME introduces itself

Why music?

Music is a universal language understood by everyone. We're convinced that beyond the simple joy it brings, music frees us from all kinds of barriers, promoting our personal and collective well-being, boosting our confidence in ourselves and others, and instilling hope for a better future. Music is alive and comes in an infinite variety of styles and instruments, often combined with dance, theatre and visual arts. It builds bridges between cultures and generations, and plays an essential role in ensuring that we can all live together in harmony.