Gregório Carvalho


Gregório is a Brazilian artist based in Luxembourg since 2015, aged 39 and originally from Santa Leopoldina, Espírito Santo. He has been a freelance artist since 2002, when he began working professionally in music. His first involvement with a musical group dates back to 2000, when he joined the group Forró de Cinto. He has been composing since 1998, with influences ranging from traditional Brazilian repertoire to world jazz, reggae, samba, funk and bossa nova. He currently has around 200 songs, around 50 of which were composed in collaboration with his father, Tim Carvalho, the Poet, who died in 2009. He currently works solo and in small groups, taking part in public and private events. He also works as a music therapist, offering music therapy for children. His latest album, recorded in Rio de Janeiro in 2023 after a year and a half in Brazil, is entitled "Vida é o Sol – Gregório Carvalho". Available on all platforms. Vida é o Sol!