Nicole Bausch


Nicole Bausch, an artist and psychotherapist, made her debut in the Luxembourg hip-hop scene in 2019 under her artist name Nicool with the album 'Den Ufank vum N' (The Beginning of N). Since then, she has established herself as an artist known for a gentle mix of controversy, a blend of sarcasm with a dash of influence from De Läbbel, a local hip-hop label.

Simultaneously, she began conducting educational hip-hop workshops for young people aimed at strengthening creativity, opening up new possibilities for expression. Additionally, from 2021 to 2024, she took on the role of Vice-Secretary at the Hiphop Based Education Luxembourg non-profit organization.

In 2022, Nicole Bausch co-produced the piece 'Nikki Ninja & Afrobeathoven' with Dan Tanson and released an album of the same name under the musical direction of Pol Belardi. It is a musical performance dedicated to the youth, bringing together the worlds of Luxembourgish Hip-Hop and Jazz.