Angela Aguilera

Electric bass, keyboard and viola

Angela Aguilera is a Spanish-Cuban violist and a member of the Orchestra Place de l’Europe.

Her vision of music is based on the shared experience. She adapts the music to the public; from Old McDonalds to Mozart, from Manuel Pareja Obregón to Ben E. King; from Purcell to The Beatles, different genres have their place in her performances. She seeks to create an atmosphere where the public connects to the universal language of music, in different ways.

She moved to Luxembourg in 2019 and she is currently pursuing her studies in classical music, jazz and composition in the Conservatory of Luxembourg and the Conservatory of Ettelbruck. She previously played in Brussels (Belgium) at the Free University of Brussels and in Madrid (Spain) at the Allegro Orchestra and with the chamber music quartet ConCuerda.

She also sings, plays bass guitar and the keyboard. She loves to improvise with the viola and to create participatives concert experiences.