The Fondation EME team

Behind the Fondation EME is a team of dedicated people who work on musical projects and concerts to improve the daily lives of elderly, disabled or socially disadvantaged people.
Members of the team, wearing the Foundation EME sweatshirt

Board members

  1. Dominique Hansen


  2. Stephan Gehmacher


  3. Sylvia Camarda, David Galassi, Willy De Jong, Anne Goedert, Myriam Schmit, Anne Wolter


Membres du conseil d'administration posant face à la caméra.

Fondation EME team

  1. Sarah Bergdoll

    General coordinator

    Chief Ninja

    Sarah, in a few words, is: post-it notes, fun pens, sports, but above all, organisation and creativity. Because yes, as general coordinator, it is Sarah who conceptualises the projects
    proposed by the Fondation EME and who allows the foundation to grow every day by developing its relationships and strategy.

    Sarah Bergdoll
  2. Christine Bausch

    Project Manager

    Head of All Things Awesome

    Meet Christine, the driving force behind project management at Fondation EME! Joining the EME Team in September 2022 straight from university, she quickly took charge of her first job, showcasing her excellent communication and organisational skills. As "Head of All Things Awesome, " she diligently oversees EME's projects, fostering meaningful connections with remarkable individuals along the way. 

    Une femme blonde posant pour la photographie
  3. Sara Lehmann

    Administrative Assistant

    Chief Happiness Officer

    Sara joins the EME Foundation in January 2022, to take charge of administration and the organisation of concerts in the institutions. Previously, she had worked in the administrative departments of other organisations, but had always wanted to get involved professionally in the cultural sector. As an amateur musician and long-time volunteer for various social organisations, working for the EME Foundation is an obvious choice, and Sara puts her enthusiasm and determination to work every day for the causes that are close to her heart.

    A smiling woman
  4. Kelly Furtado


    Brand evangelist

    Kelly, a communications trainee at the EME Foundation, is responsible for publicising the organisation's new projects, concerts, artists and donors. Immersed in a participative action, Kelly immerses herself in the captivating world of music and the Philharmonie through the teachings and commitment of the EME Foundation. She thrives on this enriching experience, learning and growing with each passing day. On the web of social networks, Kelly spreads her wings as a communicator, passionately sharing inspiring stories, memorable concerts, innovative projects and much more. Through captivating videos, evocative images and spellbinding articles, she makes digital platforms vibrate to the bewitching rhythm of the EME Foundation.

    a smiling girl

Musicians of the Fondation EME

The Foundation EME works with over 150 musicians, artists and dancers. They work with enthusiasm and good humour to make the Fondation's projects possible.