Very blurred photo of a dance workshop in a child psychiatry clinic

Dance workshops at CHL

Children from the CHL's Pédopsychiatrie department have the opportunity to take part in dance classes with Aifric Ni Chaomh three times during the Carnival vacations, and with Elisabeth Schilling three times during the Easter vacations. A fantastic opportunity to experience joyful moments and to develop through dance!


  • People with a medical condition

Time period

12 février - 12 avril 2024


Pédopsychiatrie du centre hospitalier Luxembourg (CHL)

Supported by

André Losch Fondation.

The aim of the project is to give free rein to your creativity and offer participants a means of artistic exchange. In this EME Foundation project, children will discover new sensations surrounded by dance and musical rhythms. Here, art once again demonstrates its power of inclusion.