David Galassi


David "Fluit" Galassi is an artist/rapper/musician from the "Minett, " a mining basin in the southern part of Luxembourg. He took his first steps in the music world in 2003 and eventually co-founded the Luxembourgish rap group "de Läb" with his partner Corbi in 2007. Since 2009, he has been actively involved in various socio-pedagogical projects, conducting writing workshops and stage performance training in youth centers, schools, and other institutions across the country, sharing his knowledge with young talents. In 2012, he established the association, label, and platform "De Läbbel asbl" and actively engaged in label management, artist support, and booking. He also organizes international events and concerts. Since 2015, he has ventured into music publishing and artist management. With years of experience and numerous performances, David "Fluit" has secured a place in the Luxembourgish and international music scene.