Marc Folschette


Marc, a passionate dancer, was part of the 'Jus d'Orange' project in the Juvenile Youth Psychiatry CHNP Orangerie, collaborating with the Fondation EME. Since 2001, he has embraced dance wholeheartedly, finding freedom in jumping, kicking, and defying gravity. Marc has taught dance since 2002, imparting his knowledge in various institutions and working alongside dancers from different countries. With a commitment to continuous growth, he has studied dance history, pedagogy, psychology, and even subjects like anti-violence and marketing. Throughout his teaching career, Marc has positively impacted countless individuals of all ages. In 2016, he established Art in Motion to encourage self-expression, challenge norms, and inspire the younger generation. In 2022, he joined forces with Alicia and Laurent to create an asbl and establish the Hip Hop Center in Mersch, uniting diverse art forms.