Robert Bodja


Passionate multi-instrumentalist, percussionist, composer, actor, comedian, and educator, Robert leads a diverse artistic life. Born in Togo into a family of griot musicians, he demonstrated his vocal mastery at the age of 8 and founded a musical comedy troupe at 10. Robert embraced traditional percussion, including "afro" drums and drumming at the Bonnecarrère Conservatory in Lomé. In Luxembourg, he founded the percussion and dance group "Les Zimits" in 1994, contributing to the creation of numerous percussion works. In 2000, he formed "Black Djembé, " featuring in the film "Troisièmes Noces." As a passionate educator, Robert engages with various audiences, notably through projects like "Afrique dans mon école" and "Gospel and Friends." Since 2009, he has been prolific in musical projects via the Fondation EME.

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