Une femme âgée en costume de paysanne sur scène

Rhummer Theater

The residents of the Servior 'Op der Rhum' will perform a play at the Philharmonie Luxembourg on 13 March after their succesful first show in December.


  • Elderly people

Time period

20 December 2023




Philharmonie Luxembourg


Robert Bodja.

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Registration at contact@fondation-eme.lu or by calling 26 02 27 465.

"Déi 5 Villercher" was inspired by the storybook "das Lied der bunten Vögel" by Ghanaian author Kobnan Anan. The story was translated into Luxembourgish and adapted for older actors by Pia Hoffmann and Robert Bodja.

The play is about a farmer who feeds birds that sing and dance for him every day. One day, jealousy and greed take hold of the birds and each of them tries to get all the food for himself. But the disgruntled farmer chases them away one by one. Deprived of food, they have to come to their senses and return to the values of community, harmony and teamwork.

The play's motto: "Together we can do it"!

Invitation au Rhummer Theater