Dive in with (e)me S02 E07

Can music have a positive impact on stress and burnout management for hospital staff? In this podcast, we welcome Aline Schurgers, a facilitator and coach specialising in the prevention and management of stress and burnout.

Published on 28 Feb. 24

Smiling woman

It is important to build bridges between people from different cultures.

It's important to encourage a dynamic of connection, understanding and peace in a more complex context. Music goes beyond words, bringing people together to ease tensions, express themselves and free up speech. This enables personal and collective change.

During our discussion, we will look at several aspects of music:

The beginnings of Aline's professional life in Brussels during a social cohesion project she was involved in, and the results that came out of it.
The experiences of Shaking Brussels and the TaKeTiNa method.
The methods she uses on a daily basis and why
Her study on preventing and managing stress through music
Her musical recommendations

La Grande Folie – San Salvador
Act local, think global – The inspector Cluzo
Music and mix by Taipan.

Podcast supported by André Losch Fondation.