How singing connects - an insight into the world of musical direction

For this episode of 'Dive in with (e)me', we're delighted to welcome Theresia Birngruber! As musical director of the 'All Nations Church of Luxembourg' and vocal coach on the local music scene, she brings an incredible energy. For several years now, Theresia has been working with the EME Foundation, passionately directing the All Together choir.

Published on 25 Jun. 24

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In our discussion with Theresia Birngruber, we'll explore various aspects related to artists* and music:

What's it like to work with non-professional singers*?
What can singing contribute?
How do you approach a choir?
What makes working with non-professionals so special?
How do you feel about this project? What characterizes the project?
How do you think music can bring people together?
Music recommendations from Theresia Birngruber:

  • Song 1: "Total Praise" by Richard Smallwood
  • Song 2: "You keep hope alive" by John Reddick
  • Theresia Birngruber's recommendation:
  • The documentary "Der freie Ton" (Magret Honig)
  • Margreet Honig – Der freie Ton (

Music and mixing by Taipan.

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