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All Together - Reunion in the city!

Take part in the open rehearsals at the Tramschapp! Everyone is welcome!


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Time period

8 June to the 6 July 2024






I need help to get to rehearsals and concerts:

Motivated members of the 10 choirs who have been rehearsing in their region from February to June are meeting at the Tramschapp to rehearse for the final concert on July 6 at 11.30 a.m. at Kinnekswiss. 

If you haven't joined a choir in an institution, you're welcome to join us for these open rehearsals!

Address: 49, rue Ermesinde, 1469 Luxembourg

It's important to register yourself or your group, so that we know how many people are expected to attend the concert.

Here is the planning:

08/06/202414h00 – 17h00rehearsal
09/06/202414h00 – 17h00rehearsal
16/06/202414h00 – 17h00rehearsal
29/06/202414h00 – 17h00rehearsal
30/06/202414h00 – 17h00Rehearsal
02/07/202417h00–20h00general rehearsal
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Rehearsal programm

Here you'll find the texts, recordings and scores of the various songs.