Adolescents du Lycée Mamer participant au projet Bildung Beweegt

Bildung Beweegt meets BAMSS

Highlighting and celebrating the commitment of the whole of society to education in all its forms.


  • Disadvantaged people

Time period

April - May 2023



The UP Foundation organises the project  Bildung Beweegt, from 19 April to 24 May 2023.

Thanks to its partners, it is organizing educational programmes in the five regions of Luxembourg (South, West, North, East and Centre).

The aim is to highlight and celebrate the commitment of the whole of society to education in all its forms.

In this context, Fondation EME is organising percussion workshops for young people with the percussionist Brave, who is committed to non-formal music.

A percussion workshop will be organised in each region.

  • In the South, a workshop is organised at the Delheicht Schoul primary school with children from the Red Cross reception centre in Dudelange,
  • In the West, a workshop will be held with a class in preparation of the Mamer Lycée,
  • In the North, the workshop will take place in a Centre for Intellectual Development (CDI),
  • In the city and in the East, in a Centre for children and young people with an autism spectrum disorder (CTSA).

Workshop 1

Ecole Deich, in a class for children who recently arrived in Luxembourg

Workshop 2

At Lycée Mamer, with teenagers "en voie de préparation"

Workshop 3

CDI Annexe Clervaux

Workshop 4

CTSA Roodt sur Syre

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