Un groupe de personnes jouant du djembé ensemble

Music @ Don Bosco

Percussionists led djembe workshops for refugees at the centre Don Bosco of the Croix-Rouge Luxembourgeoise.


  • Disadvantaged people

Time period

November - December 2022

Once a week, musicians Jeannot Kugener and Amit Dhuri will visit Don Bosco to jam with the refugees. The workshops are organised in such a way as to include all those interested in music, whether musicians or not. 
Participants who already have some knowledge of music and their instruments can take part as well as those who want to discover music. From guitar to djembe to body percussion to water bottles, anyone and everyone can join in and give free rein to their creativity.

The project aims to:

  • Give participants the opportunity to make music 
  • Create new friendships through music-making 
  • Strengthen their self-confidence