Une femme levant les bras devant un piano et des personnes en fauteuil roulant en arrière-plan

Musik fliessen lassen

With music, conscious breathing, knowledge of breath guidance and tones, we can feel and create sounds ourselves and immerse ourselves in music and good feelings again.


  • Elderly people
  • People with a medical condition

Time period

January - June


Claudia Duschner.

The project

The project aims for the participants to:

  • Develop a new awareness of oneself and one's own body
  • Learn different breathing techniques
  • Enjoy singing together

Through music, conscious breathing, breath guidance and tones, one can feel and create sounds and immerse himself in music and good feelings. Trying this is beneficial for the patients, occupies the mind, helps focusing on beautiful things and allows to come to a deeper peace, as well as experiencing a more pleasant body feeling again.

With group experiences and individual training sessions, this project helps patient better perceive their body through music: with standing bells, piano, accompanying and supporting simple chants, tones, songs and harmonic sounds or music from simple harps or also with well-known songs – just as individually desired. 

Ein paar Fragen an... Claudia Duschner

Musik fliessen lassen I (2021) - MS Day Center "Um Bill" (people with multiple sclerosis)

Musik fliessen lassen II (2022) – MS Day Center "Um Bill" (people with multiple sclerosis)

Musik fliessen lassen III (2023) – Steinfort Intercommunal Hospital and ALA Bonnevoie day care centre (Alzheimer’s patients)

Musik Fliessen Lassen III