Pit Vinandy

Guitar and singing

For twelve years, Pit Vinandy toured Europe as a travelling musician. Back in Luxembourg, he played in various bands (Clantock, Mistral, Heartlands, Exodus Likembe, Pray). Between 1990 and 1996 Pit took part in a large number of film and television productions. As a puppeteer, he founded 2 companies (Bimbo Theater, Hoplabum), and produced a TV series with puppets (De Sandmännche Pit, RTL 1995, 70 episodes). Since 2007, he has played across Europe in concerts and festivals, as well as in the virtual world of Second Life as a cyberpiper. (a fusion of traditional and electronic music).  In 2009, the Luxembourg film-maker Beryl Koltz shot the documentary 'Strangers in the night' with Lucill Film, which shows the double life of a cyberpiper between the real world and Second Life. Since 2015, in artistic collaboration with his wife Esther Ngan, Pit has been the lead developer of the transmedia project 1867 (video game, TV series, virtual reality). 
In 2014 Pit was one of the founding members of the 'Poppespënnchen asbl' which runs the first fixed puppet theatre in Luxembourg (Lasauvage), of which he is currently director. Since 2018, he has directed the 'Sang a Klang' choir in Pfaffenthal. Pit has been a proud father to little Lilou since 2012.