Pol Belardi

Piano and guitar

From the moment Pol played his first note on an instrument, sometime in the 90's in a small Southern Luxembourgish town called Tétange, his curiosity was awakened to create music. After widespread local studies, including percussion, piano, drums, bass and theory, a fair amount of classical orchestra as well as rock band experience and a good first imprint in the local scene, he set sails to study in Brussels and Amsterdam, earning a master's degree "cum laude" in jazz bass guitar in 2014. Throughout his entire career, he has forged himself a strong credo consisting of two main ingredients: polyvalence and creativity.

Critically acclaimed on various occasions, his projects vary in both conception of style and the instrument(s) he plays, and since the first childhood composition try-outs he has grown to a prolific composer who is not afraid of taking advantage of a large genre background.

Now based in Luxembourg, the main drive for Pol's life is sharing his artistic vision as a bandleader, sideman, producer, composer (also film and theatre), arranger, radio presenter, teacher and actor.