All Together - Call for participants

For its 15th anniversary, the EME Foundation is launching a project bringing together inclusive choirs from all over Luxembourg!

Published on 30 Jan. 24

Picture of the Gospel for all project

In an initiative that is as inspiring as it is innovative, the All Together project is emerging as a beacon of inclusiveness, diversity and multiculturalism in Luxembourg. Bringing together people from all backgrounds through the magic of music and song, All Together transcends social barriers, age differences and health challenges to create a veritable symphony of solidarity.

Reflecting Luxembourg's cultural mosaic, the EME Foundation warmly invites anyone who wants to share their passion for singing to join this collective adventure.

Whether you're young or old, whether you have special needs or are in good health, whether you're a refugee, a child living in care, a family member or member of staff, or simply a music lover, the doors of the nine choirs across Luxembourg are wide open to you!

This musical adventure will culminate in a final concert at Kinnekswiss on 6 July 2024, celebrating diversity, inclusion and the 15th anniversary of the EME Foundation.