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5a Punkada Concert

"Who says cerebral palsy or Down Syndrome means you can’t be in a rock band?" – Exceptional concert organised by and in support of the Fondation EME


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Time period

Septembre 23, 2023


7:30 PM

The band

5a Punkada is made up of Fausto Sousa (singer) and Fátima Pinho (pianist), who have cerebral palsy, Miguel Duarte (drummer) and Jorge Maleiro (guitarist), who have Down's syndrome, and their music teacher Paulo Jacob. 

At the concert on September 23, they will be joined on stage by three guest musicians from the punk, experimental and indie worlds.

The opening act is performed by 'Big L on the Road', aka Léandro.

5ª Punkada was born in the 90s out of Fausto Sousa's dream of becoming a rock singer.

As a beneficiary of an association fighting cerebral palsy, many thought that his severe cerebral palsy would prevent him from realising his dream. But it was thanks to this association that he was able to form a group of musicians…

Together, they recorded an album, Somos Punks ou Não?. In May 2023, they were invited by the group Coldplay to perform with them in front of 50,000 people.


The concert

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