Photo de groupe d'une classe d'accueil au Luxembourg

Creativity Lab

A blank page is being given to a class from the LTC – Annexe Kirchberg, who will have the opportunity to imagine and carry out an artistic project throughout the school year. Creativity Lab is made up of several projects: Battle, Beatmaking, Treasured Times, Beethoven's Dance and a new ongoing project.


  • Disadvantaged people

Time period

2021 - 2024

Supported by

André Losch Fondation.

Mission: universible

2023 – 2024

Accompanied by Patrick Miranda as composer, Elisabeth Schilling as choreographer and Anne Simon as director, the students will be at the heart of the creative process. The theme of the project has yet to be decided: the young people will be free to evoke their questions, their dreams and their emotions.

The show is coming up: the students will be performing on 25 June at 10.30 a.m. for other LTC students and at 7 p.m. for the general public at the Salle Musique de Chambre at the Philharmonie Luxembourg! Discover a unique experience with "Mission: universible"! 


This immersive performance, created by a class of young people at the LTC in collaboration with Elisabeth Schilling, Anne Simon and Patrick Miranda, takes you on a daring exploration of the universe through sound, space music, spellbinding rhythms, body movement, innovative dance and a captivating story. Immerse yourself in this sensory adventure, where every moment holds a surprise and the imagination takes flight. An extraordinary performance not to be missed!

  • Deux jeunes filles l'une contre l'autre
  • Des jeunes dansant dans une salle de classe avec un ordinateur en premier plan



In 2022, the students had the opportunity to create beats by discovering the basics of computer tools.

They are now working on another project with Taipan & Falcon!

They will create a beat and can use it for rap battles.

The young people will write their own texts, which look very promising and punchy.

Clap de fin pour... Creativity Lab, avec Antoine Leclercq et Aran du LTC

Workshops & concert



Once a week, beatmakers Taipan and Falcon offer beatmaking workshops for young people at the LTC – Annexe Kirchberg. The youngsters learn the basics of computer tools to create beats and how to express themselves through music.

The project aims to:

  • Entertain young people who are severely affected by the health crisis
  • Take young people out of their everyday lives
  • Introduce young people to hip-hop music
  • Give them the opportunity to express themselves creatively

Treasured Time


Under the direction of dancer and choreographer Elisabeth Schilling, the youngsters discover the exhibition of visual artist Lynette Yiadom-Boakye and create a dance performance to the music of Pascal Schumacher.

Yiadom-Boakye's paintings seem familiar and mysterious and represent fictitious portraits in which a connection through eye contact is particularly prominent. The moments communicated through figurative painting immerse the viewer in a world of the imaginary. Guided by this, the participants bring the figures to life with their bodies and their individual creativity, allowing their own memories and narratives to be immersed in the art.


An exciting project presented at MUDAM on 29 May at 14h00.

Treasured Time

Beethoven's Dance


ARTE's "Beethoven Tag", planned for 6 June 2021, announces big names from the international music scene. From Bonn to Bergamo, via Luxembourg, Beethoven's nine symphonies will be performed at different venues and by different orchestras in Europe, broadcast live on ARTE.

In Luxembourg, Beethoven's 4th Symphony will be staged in a special way thanks to a collaboration between the Philharmonie Luxembourg and the Fondation EME.

The Philharmonic Orchestra of Luxembourg, under the baton of its artistic director Gustavo Gimeno, will perform the work, composed in 1806, in the Great Hall of the Philharmonie.

Outside the building, a dozen youngsters from all backgrounds from the Lycée Technique du Centre – Annexe Kirchberg of the "CreativityLab" project of the Fondation EME will perform a choreography directed by the choreographer Sylvia Camarda and supported by the Philharmonie (Arch. Portzamparc) and the Place de l'Europe to end on the esplanade of the Parc des Trois Glands, passing by the MUDAM (Arch. Pei) and the Dräi Eechelen Museum, highlighting the interconnectedness of the Vauban fortifications.

Filmed with steadycam and drones, this collaboration is an opportunity to show Luxembourg in all its colours: historical, multicultural, innovative and creative. These iconic Kirchberg sites will be part of the production, as will the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra, Sylvia Camarda and the dancers from different parts of the world.