A Ninja character

Nikki Ninja

Nikki Ninja, renowned for her engaging and educational approach to hip-hop for children, is gearing up for an exciting project at the Center for Intellectual Development in Echternach.


  • People with specific needs

Time period

January-March 2024


CDI Echternach

Supported by

André Losch Fondation.

This collaborative initiative seeks to blend creativity and learning, with Nikki Ninja teaming up with the youngsters to craft an vibrant rap text. Going beyond words, the group will collectively produce a music video, showcasing the diverse talents and perspectives of the participating kids. Notably, David Laplant will be filming the video, capturing the essence of the project through his lens, while Marc Folschette will choreograph the video, adding a dynamic visual element. Nikki Ninja's unique style, tailored for a younger audience, promises to infuse the project with energy and positivity. Together, with the creative input from David Laplant and Marc Folschette, they will delve into the art of storytelling through hip-hop, nurturing both artistic expression and intellectual development.