un homme dans la quarantaine et une femme âgée dansent

Turtle Song

People with dementia and their families meet once a week for eight weeks, and with the help of professional musicians, write the lyrics and compose their own music.


  • Elderly people
  • People with a medical condition

Time period

September - October 2023


10h - 12h (every thursdays)

For Turtle Song, people with dementia from the ALA Bonnevoie day centre and their families, as well as a class with newcomers from LTB, meet once a week for eight weeks. With the help of professional musicians, they write the lyrics and compose the music for their own song cycle.

The project will end with a live performance at the Philharmonie Luxembourg, as part of the Rainy Days Festival.

Turtle Song encourages artistic and social interaction, a positive outlook through an enjoyable and shared activity and gives the brain and body a bit of stimulating exercise.

The project is inclusive in many ways, with an intergenerational and multicultural dimension, promising a colourful show.

Since the first Turtle Song at the Royal College of Music, London in 2008 it has been introduced in Cambridge, Wolverhampton, Dulwich, Hackney, Suffolk, Oxford, Stockton-on-Tees, Leeds, Norwich, Croydon, York, Reading, Newbury and Bishop Auckland…

A Turtle Key Arts' project, in collaboration with the Philharmonie Luxembourg and the Fondation EME.

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