Des enfants debout sur scène dans une ambiance lumineuse rose

Dancing colors

A positive self-image through dance and art.


  • Disadvantaged people

Time period

October 2016 - June 2017


Jill Crovisier.

Supported by

André Losch Fondation.

Following the encouraging and positive experiences of “Steps and Beats” project in 2015, the EME Foundation launches in cooperation with the Foundation Kannerschlass the project "Dancing Colors". It combines elements of dance and performances to those kids in therapy. Eight to twelve children participate twice a week in an arts and dance program with choreographer Jill Crovisier. With art and dance, children learn how to express themselves non-verbally, dismantle aggressions and they can discover their talents thus strengthening their self-confidence.

The common goal is to stand together on stage and present a great performance – to earn applause and to get a positive review of them – a valuable experience to counterpoint the children's often negative self-image.